Masar Machinery system
Flexible software meets high-end hardware
- Printing speed of 42,500 magazines in 1 hour
- Inline gluing system that is capable of producing a finished product in one pass
3 Million pages per hour
Lithoman IV
The world's biggest heatset commercial web press
We are equipped with 24 advanced offset sheet fed units of 10 colors XL 105 , 8 colors XL 105 6 colors XL 105 with coater. Our Heidelberg XL 105 satisfies the most stringent demands in terms of both quality and productivity. From feeder to delivery, it bristles with innovations that shorten setup times, accelerate run speeds, and reduce paper and ink consumption and waste.

Heidelberg XL 105
The most advanced offset sheetfed press in the world
- Capable of both conventional and UV printing and coating for spot and full-UV jobs,
- Delivers consistent and quality at high speeds
- Can apply both UV and water based coatings

The customized configuration of Masars newspaper press is unique in the Middle East
Cromoman 70
The world's fastest press in its class

- Equipped with 16 printing towers (12 coldset + 4 heatset)
- Printing capacity of
70,000 broadsheets per hour
3 different production lines that can print 3 different newspaper at once
- The press process incorporates
pre-press, press and post-press in one unified automated workflow
The fastest digital printing in the world that offers a combination of outstanding quality, day-to-day productivity, and compelling economics. It is the perfect solution for printing direct mailers, inserts, catalogs, books, and newspapers with very high ink coverage. Our Digital Printing machines has the capacity of printing:
Kodak Prosper 6000C
Masar has raised the bar in the world of digital printing
- 3500 copies of a personalized newspaper in 1 hour
- Up to
90 Million top quality pages per month
- Produces
vibrant photorealistic images comparable to offset quality (up to 200 IPI)
Welcome to the place where automation and efficiency play a central role, where pixels and codes become real-life objects; and digital creations first see the light of day.
At Masar, we run the regions fastest and most advanced printing presses and flows that allow us to consistently achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art printing machinery
Ranked 1st regionally and 2nd globally for our outstanding printing quality by WAN-IFRA
Today, Masar is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing printing houses in the region and counts some of the leading publishers, advertising agencies, governments and NGOs across the Middle East, Africa and beyond among its clients.
From business cards to encyclopedias, glossy magazines to limited-edition books, Masar's versatile and personalized services have won the trust of discerning clients from the private and public sectors.

Masar traces its roots back to 1980, when it started out as the industrious print production department of Al Bayan newspaper. In 2006, the unit's business success was rewarded and it became a fully-fledged printing and publishing company in its own right. Since then, Masar has emerged as the printing house of choice for local and international clients. it's expansive headquarters stand as a testament to the company's ambition to keep thinking big.
There is more to our business than meets the eye. For a master printer, being able to afford the latest state-of-the-art technology to use only the best materials and to offer excellent value for money is just the beginning. What brings these vital resources to life is the group of dedicated professionals who make our customer's needs their highest priority. At Masar, we pride ourselves in cultivating a philosophy of service and craftsmanship in our staff, the X-factor that helps us to maintain our position as one of the region's leading printing and publishing houses.
There is another key to the success of our unique business model: our location. Dubai has emerged as a global business hub, fusing the strategic advantage of its geographical position with a positive business climate and unparalleled access to global cargo and logistics networks.
Masar's customer base already extends far beyond the Gulf region, across the Middle East and Africa. Ultimately, we aim to establish Dubai as the international printing and publishing hub of the future.
It is our mission to strike a balance between our values as a conscientious corporate citizen and our strategy to continue investing in the latest printing and design technologies, which keeps us ahead of our competition, both locally and on the international stage.

Faisal Bin Haider
Chief Executive Officer Printing & Distribution Sector
At Dubai Media Inc.
CEO's MEssage
Our Vision
Our vision at Masar is to be a world leader through continually investing in the latest printing technology and effectively serving and satisfying a customer base that already spans across the world.

Our Mission
To offer a complete state-of-the-art one-stop shop solution delivering quality and attention to details across all pre-press, printing, finishing and mailing needs with a commitment to innovation, value, flexibility, customer satisfaction and retention.
Our Objective
To maintain our growth both regionally and globally through continuing to provide our partners with exceptional service and by keeping pace with the cutting edge of technology. We aim to establish our reputation as the strongest print service provider, leveraging our backward integration while leading in automation, skill and technology.
Our Post Press Machinery:
Post-press is what makes a good product great. By always being at the cutting edge of print-finishing technology, Masar succeeds in satisfying even the most exacting client. Working hard to provide an unparalleled variety of creative options and attractive pricing solutions, we have earned a reputation as one of the region's top printing companies. Over the years, fruitful partnerships with major international brands have developed, which inspire us to achieve and maintain outstanding quality every day.
- An integrated process line that applies PUR technology and hot melt spray glue and automatic signature image recognition
- Capable of producing 15,000 perfect bounded products in 1 hour
Muller Martini Corona C15: Perfect binding
Our Kolbus book production line BF 527 is the most advanced book preparation and book production line in the Middle East region. Inline book preparation and book production to ensure one step operation for the high quality output, hard case book products and speed up to 3600 cycles per hour.
Book Line
- Masar's saddle-stitching machine is one of the region's largest and certainly one of its busiest
- The choice of center cut, trio and hole punching capabilities offers exceptional production flexibility.
- Capable of producing 14,000 stitched products in 1 hour

Muller Martini Prima Plus: Saddle stitching
- Foils can be applied to a wide range of materials from paper and cardboard to various types of plastic
- This versatile machine can handle many types of foil and can meet practically any production requirement.
- Bobst 104 is capable of producing 216000 meters of foil per day

Bobst 104: Die cutting
& foil stamping
News paper printing
comercial printing
Customises products
Quran Printing